Art has been a form of expression for me since my early days. Over the years I have explored more and more avenues and have grown as an artist, tenfold. But realization hit the day I got my first tattoo in 1998 and since then I haven’t looked back.

Tattoos I believe are the most effective way to connect with the deepest and innermost fantasies of people. And seeing so many people laying bare their feelings and having so much trust in their tattoo artists, still intrigues me.

My passion transcended to obsession by the year 2000 and I had to learn this exciting art form. Fortunately, I landed on the steps of a professional tattoo artist from St, Petersburg, Russia. The road had never looked so clear and exciting with so many avenues in front of me. After a couple months of training, it was clear that art came to me naturally and it was something I loved doing, and would never stop.

In September 2002, I started BRAMHA TATTOO STUDIO in my out-house which is located in high grounds near Shivananda circle behind Sindhi High School. Due to requests and a much larger customer base, after two years (2004) I shifted to Brigade road, Bangalore. Proud to say, that BRAMHA TATTOO STUDIO was the first professional tattoo studio in Bangalore.

We use the best of equipment available in India and western countries, ranging from disposable kits, to all kinds of color and their compositions, also including inks, which are approved by the Food and Drug authority (FDA) of America. Our needles are specially imported from Korea and are disposable, the machines and all its parts are autoclaved (sterilized). Our equipment is top notch and privacy is guaranteed to each client while they are getting tattooed.

One of the unique applications of our tattoos is that they are pain-free. We use anesthetics to numb the area, so as to provide a painless experience.

Tattoo Experience

With over 60,000 tattoo designs (tattoo art, flash, motifs, etc.) my experience is pretty extensive and ranges from western traditional to tribal, Celtic, fantasy, animals, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Asian, kanji, religious, Aztec, gothic, complete body art, hand sleeve art, full hand art, and bio-mechanical art, Indian traditional, tribal, spiritual, sculpture art, and Indian God designs, portrait art, and custom made art.

I also pride myself in giving suggestions based on people’s aura and spiritual background. (If asked)

I basically come from a Brahmin priest family from Bangalore, so I am more interested in our rich Indian culture and philosophy. My schooling and college was done in Bangalore itself. I have also learnt and practiced Vedic astrology, numerology and palmistry so as to better assess what the client is looking for.

My obsession

I like studying and reading about tattoos and increasing my own vision. Common topics I mostly think of are, what does a tattoo symbolize on a person, what kind of energy it resonates, where should it be placed, why does it have to be placed in a certain region and what value it holds according to different mythologies, specifically Hindu mythology, what kind of energy it emits or will emit, and so many more.

- Girish BV
Bramha Tattoo Studio